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Health And Fitness Resolutions From Chelsea’s Experts

Sloane Street’s health and fitness gurus share their resolutions for 2022

20 January 2022


We asked the neighbourhood’s health and fitness experts to share the health resolutions that they are recommending for 2022.

The dawning of the new year signals the opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to reset after the lessons of the past year. So, from using science to turbo-charge your training to perfecting your form with no-nonsense workouts and challenging poses, here are the health and fitness resolutions that Chelsea’s experts recommend for 2022…

Will McLaren, head coach at KXU

“Make 2022 the year you perfect your form. At KXU, this year is all about no b*ll s**t fitness trends. You won’t see our coaches allowing poor form or random workouts. While we try to be entertaining, we pride ourselves on educating and setting the highest examples of training standards for our members.

“We want to help, not hinder, every single person who walks through our doors and show them how they can get stronger, fitter and healthier. We are all about the integrity of training people with purpose.”

KXU, 241 Pavilion Road, SW1X 0BP

Shayna Buckenham, KOBOX trainer

“For 2022, why not challenge yourself, switch up your training style and experiment with adding boxing into your fitness regime? At KOBOX, you can learn how to work the bag like a pro by following the combinations on the screens, alongside getting functional training on the wall. You will see improved cardiovascular health, hand/eye coordination and balance, plus increased lean muscle mass. Three classes a week is ideal: one lower body, one upper body and one full body.”

KOBOX, Unit 8-11, Kings Walk, 122 King’s Road, SW3 4TR

Esmae Lear, Barrecore instructor

“This year, why not experiment with adding a standing split to your workout regime? Not only will this improve the flexibility of your hamstrings and hips, it will also help to increase core and glute strength. We recommend 3-4 Barrecore classes per week to start seeing optimum results.”

Barrecore, 107 King’s Road, SW3 4PA

Ben Evans, director of fitness & spa at the Peak Fitness Club

“This year, why not get a scientific handle on your health and fitness? Upon joining, each Peak Fitness Club member is encouraged to undergo the Peak Performance screen, a comprehensive body screen with a high calibre personal trainer, allowing a health and fitness expert to identify where you and your body are right now and how we can help you reach your goals.

“By utilising gold-standard apparatus, such as Boditrax to measure body composition, and a functional movement screen to assess movement patterns, personal trainers can tailor a fully bespoke programme relative to an individual’s goals and abilities. Combining this with FLOW-X, a unique approach to group exercise in which classes are consciously programmed into the timetable, ensuring members train in balance when performing back-to-back classes as well as across the week, creates the ultimate recipe for success.”

The Peak Fitness Club, 9th floor, The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, 1 Cadogan Place, SW1X 9PY
Peak Fitness Club 

Jessie Blum, founder of Heartcore

“Make this the year that you work on your heart and mind alongside your body. Our unique method, and our heart-led approach, is different to everything else out there; it’s fun, intelligent and designed to be a journey from the inside out.

“Our classes are inspired by the core principles of pilates and the love of movement, and are designed to shift your energy and create long-lasting strength from within.”

Heartcore, 6 Burnsall Street, SW3 3ST

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