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The Sloane Street Wedding Guide

Everything you need to plan the perfect nuptials, from the proposal to photography, skincare and venue styling

22 June 2023

Photo: Benjamin Wheeler

What’s that we hear? The distant sound of wedding bells and invites hitting the doormat? Yes, it’s wedding season, and with it comes a whole world of planning and organising to be done – whether you’re a guest or the one tying the knot.

In the very first Sloane Street Wedding Guide, we’ve spoken to Benjamin Wheeler, wedding photographer to HRH Princess Beatrice and many a fashion insider. Chelsea’s resident skincare expert Sarah Chapman has explained what to do in the months before the big day to ensure you look and feel great, Mark Niemierko has shared his most valuable planning tips (they are gold), and Michael Hennegan offers up helpful tips for guests. Discover all these and more below.


How to plan the perfect marriage proposal

From romance, setting and etiquette to music, theme and memories, we asked proposal planning company The Proposers for top tips on how to pop the question in a way that’s guaranteed to be answered with a resounding “yes!”


Mark Niemierko’s guide to wedding planning

The luxury wedding maestro shares his ultimate wedding planning tips with us, from budget and flowers to catering and photography


Resident Advisor: Benjamin Wheeler

The photographer behind HRH Princess Beatrice and Savannah Miller’s wedding portraits on fashion, the joy of weddings and tips for taking beautiful photos


Wedding skincare 101, with Sarah Chapman

We asked the skincare expert what to do in the countdown to the big day


Meet Chelsea’s wedding glam squads

Salons in the neighbourhood have all you need to prepare for the big day


How to be the perfect wedding guest

Michael Hennegan, society editor of ES Magazine, on how to navigate every wedding guest conundrum

Wedding season

From the perfect proposal to the photography, here is everything you need in time for wedding season