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Look after yourself: the best treatments to try in Chelsea in 2023

From the Cellulite Slayer to complete skin MOT, we’ve rounded up the wealth of wellness treatments available on around Sloane Street

27 January 2023

Sadaf Jaffari's Morpheus8 treatment

January may traditionally be a month of short-lived wellness resolutions, but here at Sloane Street, we prefer a different approach. Namely, if you take care of yourself all year round, come next January you’ll already look and feel like the best version of yourself. 

Here, then, are the best and newest treatments in Chelsea to try throughout 2023.

The Cadogan Clinic’s Skin Health MOT

Start off with a head-to-toe skin health check at the Cadogan Clinic. A dermatologist will examine the epidermis for sun damage and other issues, scrutinising moles and lesions under 10x magnification, and providing tailored advice on keeping your skin healthy. Add this one to your annual January to-do list, and thank us later.

From £200 for 45 minutes

120 Sloane Street, SW1X 9BW;

Cryotherapy at KXU

Chill out – literally – with a cryotherapy treatment at KXU on Pavilion Road. Each session involves spending 3 minutes in a whole-body cryotherapy chamber while a specialist monitors and coaches you through the experience. A freezing cold cubicle may not sound particularly inviting, but the benefits of cold therapy include reduced inflammation, increased blood circulation and better recovery for athletes.

£95 for 3 minutes

241 Pavilion Road, SW1X 0BP;

The Cellulite Slayer Massage

If the name doesn’t tell you that this King’s Road clinic means business, then perhaps the fact that it is a favourite among the likes of model Irina Shayk and influencer Leonie Hanne will. The treatment targets the causes of water retention and cellulite for a more well-rounded and, arguably, effective approach than simply targeting their effects.

Over the course of 55 minutes, an expert will combine vigorous deep-tissue massage with cupping and lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins and fluids and leave your body looking more sculpted. Results are instant, so expect to come away feeling invigorated and light. 

£160 for 55 minutes

384 King’s Road, SW3 5UZ;

EF Medispa’s Pressure Point Colonic

Esther Fieldgrass has upgraded the classic colonic irrigation with a relaxing reflexology session beforehand, which enhances the effects of the treatment using pressure points on the feet and ankles. Then, filtered water is combined with a freshly made coffee infusion to flush out the colon, while a therapist gently massages your abdomen. A touch uncomfortable, yes, but well worth it for the benefits, which include relief from bloating, improved energy, clearer skin and enhanced immunity.

£160 for 75 minutes

193 King’s Road, SW3 5ED;
Image: Shutterstock

Morpheus8 with Sadaf Jaffari

Think of Morpheus8 as a supercharged version of micro-needling. It’s a similar concept, only when the tiny needles penetrate your skin, they apply radiofrequency energy (heat), which stimulates collagen production, tightening the skin and evening its tone.

‘Does it hurt?’ we hear you ask. Well, reports vary depending on tolerance, but most people find it’s just a bit uncomfortable. And you’ll be in good hands with aesthetician Sadaf Jaffari, who specialises in the very latest skincare technologies. 

From £1,250

6a Oakley Street, SW3 5NN;

Tibetan Sound Therapy at Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa

Investing in your wellbeing isn’t just about what’s on the outside – after all, what’s happening within us often manifests externally. Justyna Kwiatkowska at Richard Ward uses Tibetan singing bowls as a form of sound therapy – the physical vibrations and frequencies help to reduce stress and offer a deep sense of relaxation and peace that can last for days afterwards.

£75 for 1 hour

82 Duke of York Square, SW3 4LY;
Image: Magicbowls

PRP therapy at Michaeljohn

Also known as the ‘vampire facial’, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is a ‘regenerative’ treatment that involves your own platelets being massaged into pricks in your skin to encourage collagen production, healing and smooth skin. 

Here’s how it works: a qualified therapist will take a blood sample from your arm and will then isolate the plasma using a centrifuge machine. Then, tiny punctures are made in the skin using a micro-needling technique, and the plasma is gently massaged in. The team at Michaeljohn offers a numbing cream to ensure the treatment is pain-free, and you can usually be back at your desk the next day, once any redness has subsided.

From £225

4/6 Ellis Street, SW1X 9AL;

FaceGym’s Signature Sculpt

This treatment uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and manual massage to stimulate circulation and improve lymphatic drainage, revealing the natural contours of your face and leaving it lifted and bright. Use it as the antidote to the end of a long week in front of a screen, ahead of an event, or as part of your weekly wellness routine.

£80 for 45 minutes

352 King’s Road, SW3 5EW;

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