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Seen on Sloane: Marie Moatti

Sloane Square resident Marie Moatti on how living in Chelsea has changed her personal style

25 August 2021


Marie Moatti


Luxury brand consultant at


Sloane Square



Come here often?

I visit Sloane Street every day. Today, I was buying flowers – jasmines from Moyses Stevens.

What do you love about the Sloane Street neighbourhood?

I love how the neighbourhood caters for every taste and age.

Pavilion Road, in particular, has the best cheese and fishmongers, and I always bump into friends here. There is such a great sense of community.

I’m also very lucky to have the keys to Cadogan Place Gardens and the tennis courts there. It saved my life during the lockdown.

How would you describe your personal style?

I love mixing super luxury brands with up-and-coming brands such as SDress or Edeline Lee, and my Hermès pieces are all vintage.

This summer, I bought two dresses from Catherine Prevost on Sloane Street and cannot wait to wear them on vacation when we are allowed back to Saint Tropez. After almost a year in leggings, it’s good to feel feminine again.

Who are your style icons?

My style icons are from another era – like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn. I really don’t have any icons on Instagram and actually abhor the Kardashian non-culture.

I love Cameron Diaz as her smile makes me happy – my friends tell me I look like her.

What are your wardrobe obsessions?

Bikinis. On repeat – and totally useless now.

What is your greatest fashion/beauty extravagance?

I’m French and I moved to SW3 11 years ago. When I first came, I was very Parisienne in my way of dressing – people are less judgemental here and I love the freedom I found in London. People wear more colours and are definitely more daring.

I bought a green fake fur coat from Zara that I would NEVER wear in my hometown.


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