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Seen on Sloane: Hoda Eldib and Nesreen Farag

The mother and daughter on being part-time Sloane Street residents

25 August 2021


Hoda Eldib (left) and her mother, Nesreen Farag (right)


Solicitor and interior decorator


We actually both live in Egypt, but have a home here in London in Hans Place. I lived here for two years while studying law.


I work for my family’s firm in Egypt and my mother owns a furniture and art business.

Come here often?

While in London, we are on Sloane Street daily, whether it’s to shop, go to a friend’s house or to walk in the area.

What do you love about the Sloane Street neighbourhood?

I love that Sloane Street is always sunny and not overcrowded. It has the charm of old London architecturally, with a touch of modern-day living with all the high-end boutiques.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think we would both describe our style as comfortable elegance, or trendy yet classic.

What are your wardrobe obsessions?

Different washes of jeans (light blue to grey to black); silk camisoles; leather jackets; city dresses and blazers.

What is your greatest fashion/beauty extravagance?

Designer handbags and boots


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