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Resident Advisor: Imane Dahmani on Rapid Transformational Therapy®️

Local therapist Imane Dahmani is known for her ability to deliver lasting results for her clients through her skills as a hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapy®️(RTT®️) practitioner. Here, she explains this powerful technique.

Imane Dahmani

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy®️?

RTT®️ is a breakthrough short-term and results-oriented form of therapy delivering outstanding, organic change for clients.

It is used to help people to reach their goals in life, including attracting love and success, overcoming fears and phobias, achieving the figure they want or improving their focus for taking their career to the next level.

RTT®️ uncovers the root cause of emotional and physical issues, as opposed to just treating their symptoms, such as anxiety, procrastination and addiction to food, which are all coping mechanisms.

The technique combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, CBT and principles of neuroscience, and was developed over 30 years by internationally acclaimed hypnotherapist Marisa Peer.


What are the benefits of RTT®️?

It delivers change in a fast and effective way by finding and reprogramming what’s blocking you. Depending on the issue, it can take from one to no more than three sessions to address the client’s presenting problem. It is a powerful technique wherein clients can feel a change from the very first session.


How can RTT®️ be used to improve various aspects of life?

RTT®️ can really benefit everyone.

In my practice, most of the clients who come to me about their careers are already successful in their field, but want to take their career to the next level. We use RTT®️ to boost their confidence and to address any kind of limitations concerning money. 

In relationships, RTT®️ can be transformative. Under hypnosis, people get to understand why they keep attracting a certain type of person who might fall short of what they deserve.  

With health issues, RTT®️ can help by creating new habits that are translated into positive actions. It is efficient for pain management, smoking, addiction to food and others. This is where RTT®️  is ground-breaking.


How does it work?

RTT®️ works by getting to the subconscious root cause of the client’s physical, emotional and psychological symptoms and interrupting the associated limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of you achieving your goals. These limiting beliefs are exchanged for beneficial ones that can trigger more positive behaviours that are more aligned with your goals.

When the mind is under hypnosis, I can interrupt these limiting beliefs and embed new, positive programming in the mind of the client, using metaphors, symbols, imagery and repetition to allow the client to accept new beliefs and seed beneficial ideas and suggestions which the client will be receptive to.

Once people consciously understand the reason for what is blocking them subconsciously, they are empowered with new pathways of thinking that open fresh perspectives and rewire their brain towards their goal.


RTT®️ works by getting to the subconscious root cause of the client’s physical, emotional and psychological symptoms and interrupting the associated limiting beliefs  


What happens in a session?

During an RTT®️ session, I rely on hypnosis to uncover the root cause of the issues. Hypnosis is an extraordinary tool that allows access to the subconscious, bypassing the critical mind. A hypnotic state just means that your mind is in a state of deep relaxation, experiencing beta and theta brain waves, the same waves we have when daydreaming or when drifting into sleep.

Under hypnosis, the client is no longer shy, shameful or defensive; the barrier to the subconscious is crossed, both the client and the therapist access the negative belief loops that need to be interrupted and reframed. We are able to uncover the real reasons for why they sometimes behave in ways that are at odds with their goals, such as regularly overeating if they’re trying to achieve a slimmer figure, for example.


How would you describe the client’s experience of an RTT®️ session?

In the current context, my sessions are conducted remotely, with the clients in the comfort of their homes. After discussing the client’s goals, I will invite them to sit in a comfortable place (most people sit on their beds), sitting up so that I can see their arms and face, which is important for me to monitor their reactions throughout the session.

Going into hypnosis feels a little bit like a guided meditation, where you follow my voice and my cues as we delve into your memory to find the root cause of what is blocking you from achieving what you wish for. You are conscious throughout, but your mind is in a state where we can access these blocks without the conscious mind’s interference.

By trusting the process and yourself, you are able to access blocks that fear, pain or shame may have hidden from your conscious mind. While you are in this safe and suggestible state, we will discover those blocks and I will help you to reframe them on a deep, subconscious level, which is why it is such a powerful and empowering technique.


Who is the treatment suitable for?

RTT®️ is suitable for anyone who wants to deeply change their life for the better. Whether it’s for physical or emotional matters, it can help people heal, grow and move forward. It can be used to improve specific situations such as athletic performance, money, public speaking or building confidence, as well as dealing with symptoms such as anxiety, depression, phobias and addictions.


Are there any challenges to this type of therapy?

Some people have a real fear of hypnosis because of what they’ve seen on television or in films. They’re worried that a hypnotherapist will make them do something that they are uncomfortable with or that is embarrassing. But, actually, you are in total control. You just have a better awareness of yourself without all the conscious ego narratives. Hypnosis just puts your brain into a deep comfortable state of relaxation. It is absolutely safe.

Also, the client should have a specific desire in mind and really be willing to commit to moving forward positively. Change requires taking action and initiating a process of change. RTT®️ is not a magical cure – it is very powerful but the client does have to take action in their lives. 


How ‘rapid’ is rapid?

Depending on the client’s situation, it can take between one and three sessions to create change. Clients report feeling transformed after the first session where the shift happens, leaving them with vivid clarity and feeling lighter.


After a session, what should the client do? Is there any “homework”?

After a session, clients finally know why they were held back, and they also know why they no longer need to hold on to it. There’s a sense of alignment and optimism. 

I send clients a bespoke recording using hypnotic suggestions that they should listen to for at least 21 days to embed the change and make it permanent. And then we pick it up from there.


Do you specialise in any specific areas of treatment?

I practice as an RTT®️  practitioner, holistic health counsellor and nutrition specialist and my clients are mostly high-achievers who struggle with lifestyle management and seek a balance between their professional responsibilities and their personal life while trying to maintain their health. 

Their symptoms, self-sabotaging behaviours and presenting issues are really varied: stress, anxiety and addictions are very common; but also weight issues and dysfunctional relationships. They know what they want in life but are frustrated knowing that they are getting less than they deserve.

I believe that we all have an “inner grace” and our body and mind are wired towards health and wholeness. It takes courage, honesty, and authenticity to face what is holding you back and to bridge the gap between your present life and your highest potential.

But this path exists if we are ready to transform and focus in order to live life to its fullest.

Imane Dahmani is based on Draycott Place, just off Sloane Street. She can be reached by emailing 

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