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The best sweet treats on Sloane Street

Food writer, cook and broadcaster Alexandra Dudley shares her top picks for the best sweet treats on and around the Street

31 October 2023

Birley Bakery's chiffon cake

Growing up, a trip to Sloane Street with my mother was the one I looked forward to most. Usually, it would be around Christmas time when the street was twinkling with lights, and we’d start at the top, near Knightsbridge, before making our way to Peter Jones and on to the King’s Road. 

My treat for being well-behaved was a slice of carrot cake from Pret-A-Manger, or occasionally the giant chocolate chip cookie from Starbucks, but more often than not it was a rushed take-away affair because, at the time, places to sit down and enjoy something sweet were relatively lacking. 

These days, I still meet my mother on Sloane Street and still look forward to it immensely, only now we are spoilt for choice with spots to enjoy something sweet. The neighbourhood has become a honeypot of some of the best restaurants and bakeries in London. It’s where I meet my sister for a post-work slice of chocolate cake, and the spot I choose for walking meetings with colleagues while we peruse the shops and enjoy just-baked (and still warm) banana bread. There are many sweet treats to enjoy around Sloane Street, but these are my favourites…

Dark Chocolate Éclair at Lórian

Retro puddings are having a comeback. Jelly, trifle and crêpes suzette are back on the menu, and thankfully so are chocolate éclairs. But this sweet treat from Lórian is a far cry from the aerosol cream-filled puffs one might remember. 

Featherlight choux pastry is made using Wild Farmed flour, which brings a richer, more complex flavour to the éclair. The choux is then filled with Zazou vanilla crème patisserie, glazed with Pump Street’s 75% dark chocolate and finished with a touch of sea salt. The result is beautifully creamy and light, and unlike many of its predecessors from the ’70s, not overly sweet. This wonderful pudding is available daily at Lórian and is very good alongside an espresso.

Lórian, 162b Sloane Street, SW1X 9BS

Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate Sphere at Sloane Place

Certain puddings are a must-order from the menu, and the chocolate sphere at Sloane Place is one of them. Arriving as a glistening, fully formed chocolate globe, the pudding is completed with a hot salted caramel sauce that is poured at the table, prompting a cascade of chocolate that reveals a scoop of Baileys ice cream inside. This is a pudding almost too good to share.

Sloane Place, 62 Lower Sloane Street, SW1W 8BP

Salt Caramel and Chocolate Brittle at Ottolenghi

Anyone who has visited Ottolenghi will be well aware of its bountiful countertop, piled high with vibrant salads and spectacular sweet treats. From the classic carrot cake, and hazelnut brownies to the peanut butter marshmallow s’mores and the cloudlike towers of meringues, there is little room to go wrong at Ottolenghi. 

Pavilion Road regulars will undoubtedly have their favourites. I have a near-religious dedication to the flourless rum and chocolate fondant cake and am quite certain that I once witnessed a gentleman’s bottom lip quiver at the news that the last almond croissant had just sold. But one sweet treat you can almost guarantee will always be on the counter is the Salt Caramel and Chocolate Brittle. 

Made with buttery rich salted caramel set against a thin crisp biscuit, it is coated in rich chocolate and finished with hazelnut praline. With an irresistible salty-sweet hit and moreish crunch, this is guaranteed to delight every sweet tooth. As delicious as it is beautiful, this sweet treat makes an excellent gift too thanks to the pretty bow it’s wrapped with.

Ottolenghi, 261 Pavilion Road, SW1X 0BP

Banana Bread at The Roasting Party

A good banana bread is hard to beat when you really want a sweet treat, and the one at The Roasting Party (which is made with a secret recipe) doesn’t disappoint. Gloriously squidgy, it has notes of caramel and an almost toffee-like edge. There are no nuts or chocolate chips in this recipe: this is banana bread in its purest form, and it is simply delicious (and particularly good alongside one of the café’s creamy flat whites). You’ll find this delight on the counter most days but hurry, it sells quickly.

The Roasting Party, 253 Pavilion Rd, SW1X 0BP 

Coconut Chiffon Cake at Birley Bakery

Celebrated for its excellent pastries and puddings, Birley Bakery takes much inspiration from the famed cafés and Konditoreien (pastry shops) of Austria and in particular, Vienna. Immaculate raspberry tartlets, Paris-Brest and tarte Tropézienne sit like proud ballerinas beneath the gold-rimmed glass counter, a chorus of freshly baked loaves lining the shelves behind. From the seeded baguettes to pillowy chocolate brioche, everything is made on-site daily by Birley Bakery’s expert team of pastry chefs and bakers. Many of the sweet treats are available to pre-order for office celebrations or parties at home, too. 

One cake that proves to be immensely popular is the coconut chiffon cake. Layers of delicate coconut sponge and buttery soft coconut cream are delicately assembled before the cake is finished with gently toasted nuts and a crown of shaved chocolate. It’s guaranteed to bring joy to any gathering.

Birley Bakery, 28-30 Cale St, SW3 3QU 

Ricotta Hotcakes with Banana and Honeycomb Butter at Granger & Co.

Bill Granger won the hearts and stomachs of many when he brought his good-mood food over to London from Down Under. The Aussie fry-up and sweetcorn fritters are Granger & Co. classics and make for excellent savoury breakfasts, but if you’re looking for something sweet, the ricotta hotcakes are a must-try. Irresistibly fluffy, they are served with thick rounds of homemade honeycomb butter, fresh banana and a drizzle of maple syrup. Certain to trump any pancakes you’ve tried before, these are a sweet treat not to be missed.

Granger & Co., 237 Pavilion Road, SW1X 0BP 

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