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Boodles is the epitome of British luxury jewellery, boasting a family heritage of over 224 years. Known for creating classic yet contemporary collections thanks to its willingness to explore new techniques, while keeping traditional jewellery making crafts alive. Each piece is designed and handcrafted in Britain, with Boodles priding itself on the traceability of its diamonds and the gold being from a Single Mine Origin (SMO). From the clusters of precious stones in the much-loved Raindance collection, to the elegance of BEACH, this is British jewellery design at its best.

The 2,000 SqFt Sloane Street showroom, which opened in 2017, showcases its remarkable jewellery collections against a backdrop of the brand’s signature soft pink and grey, and also features Patek Philippe watch boutique. In 2022, Boodles unveiled ‘The Garden Room’ at Sloane Street, which was born out of Boodles’ relationship with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Boodles showcased their Secret Garden in 2021 at the event, inspired by the Francis Hodgson Burnett timeless novel of the same name, and a collection of exquisite jewellery dedicated to the cinematic adaptation. The Garden Room takes its design inspiration from these, and a ‘journey to an enchanted sanctuary’. James Amos, Director at Boodles, says: “We are delighted with the look of our new entertaining room as well as the story behind it – certainly a first for Boodles and a novel way to be able to entertain some of our best clients.”

Of particular noteworthiness, one of the key features in the space is an extensive oak screen, as a wall finish and sub-division between dining room and bar room. Made from an oak tree planted over 300 years ago, that had been felled as part of a major UK infrastructure (or civil engineering) project, therefore being totally sustainably sourced. Given new meaning by Tom Hoblyn and sculpted by Jan Hendzel (for Boodles Secret Garden at Chelsea Flower Show in 2021) new entering its ‘third life’, only a few miles from where it was first planted. The rawness and beauty of the natural oak is juxtaposed with bespoke hand-painted floral wallpaper and sourced furniture supporting UK artisan craft workshops. The designed bar includes a glass-topped jewellery showcase, to tempt guests to adorn themselves with pieces from the Boodles jewellery collection. This new space builds on Boodles’ reputation for craftsmanship, design, passion for jewellery, and creating lasting memories and legacies, all sustainably sourced.


6 Sloane Street
London SW1X 9LE

Opening Hours

Monday 10am to 6pm

Tuesday 10am to 6pm

Wednesday 10am to 6pm

Thursday 10am to 6pm

Friday 10am to 6pm

Saturday 10am to 6pm

Sunday closed