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New Year’s intentions to keep for 2022

From entrepreneur David Gandy to fashion designer Anya Hindmarch, we asked a selection of Sloane Street’s finest which resolutions they intend to keep in 2022

31 January 2022

Eva Espresso – fashion photographer

“For my birthday – just after the new year – one of my favourite clients, Jennifer Chamandi, gifted me a new pair of shoes, and on the back of the card was a quote: ‘You only lose when you give up’. This really resonated with me. For 2022, I will aim to never give up. Whether that be with my personal growth or my career.

I’ve always been called tenacious, but even so, this quote was something I needed to hear as we enter 2022. So, I shall stand steadfast and not give up.”
Eva Espresso 

David Gandy – founder of David Gandy Wellwear

“I became a father for the second time towards the end of 2021 and it has made me more conscious than ever that I need to live in the present for my daughters. So this year – work permitting – I will be having time away from social media and my phone at the weekends. It is easier said than done, but I want them to have my full attention, I want to be completely aware of the environment around me.”
David Gandy

Anya Hindmarch – accessories designer and founder of ‘The Village’

“I have noticed a real trend recently towards drinking less among all generations. There are a huge new variety of no- and low-alcohol alternatives available that taste great, often from brilliantly creative producers up and down the country.

We have just opened our first Anya’s off-licence in The Village, The Dry Drinker, which showcases over 40 no and low brands. I intend to try all of them to find the ones that will make a new permanent addition to my drinks cabinet – always alongside that Friday glass of wine though!”
Anya Hindmarch

Irina Linovich – founder of plant-based restaurant Holy Carrot

“Last year was a very productive and successful year for me, although emotionally, it was not easy. That’s why my focus for 2022 is to create more time and space for meditation, relaxation and travelling. My dream destinations are Mexico, Nepal and India. These places are a significant source of inspiration for me. My goal for this year is to create a good balance between business, family and self-harmony. I also want to focus more on my fitness as it helps with my mental health.

As for the business, I have so many plans! Holy Bar will open in February – the space centres around a spiritual experience and we plan to launch crystal healing workshops, tarot reading, sound meditations and more. Connection with my inner self and appreciating what makes me happy in that present moment is my main focus for 2022.”
Irina Linovich

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