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Smythson launches its first diary for children

Designed to inspire a new generation of story-makers, My First Smythson is a trove of inspiring prompts and creative exercises

26 September 2022

Inspired and informed by research from the National Literacy Trust suggesting that children who write regularly feel happier and more creative, Smythson has launched its first-ever diary for children, My First Smythson. 

Crafted from supple Panama leather in bright tangerine, with a burst of rainbow ribbon details, the pages feature playfully thought-provoking prompts, such as writing a letter to their future selves, listing dreams, favourite things, loved ones, things that make them smile – and more. 

There’s also a journal section where they can keep track of their days, noting the things that went well and those that surprised them, encouraging imaginations as well as the effects of writing from a young age. 

According to the new survey of 70,000 children from the National Literacy Trust, children who keep a daily journal felt happier and more creative, while 1 in 2 children believe writing helps them feel relaxed, 40 per cent said that it made them feel happier and more confident, while 1 in 3 children who write in a diary said it helps them deal with problems and feel better.

With Christmas on the horizon, we can’t imagine a more thoughtful gift that is sure to become a cherished glimpse into life as a child and share the gift of writing for pleasure. 

My First Smythson, £175
Smythson, 141-142 Sloane Street, SW1X 9AY;

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