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Meet the Sloane Street stylists

Ready for a style overhaul? Let Angie, Jessica or Kate guide you to an effortlessly stylish wardrobe

28 July 2023

Introducing Angie, Jessica and Kate, our team of friendly and professional personal stylists who are here to help you fulfil all of your sartorial needs. 

From finding the perfect outfit for a special event to mastering your workwear wardrobe or establishing a whole new look, the Sloane Street stylists are all passionate about helping their clients define their individual style and bring years of experience and expert advice and tips to every appointment. 

Whether you need to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to your wardrobe options, or whether you are in the market for a head-turning look for a big occasion, read on to get to know our hand-picked team of ultra-style-savvy personal shoppers. 


Born and raised in the beautiful beach state of Goa and later in the bustling metropolis of Bombay, Angie grew up watching style shows like Gossip Girl, Project Runway and The Rachel Zoe Project and always kept an eye on the unique style of celebrities and artists. She would often try to recreate their looks with her own wardrobe and eagerly offered her fashion advice to her mother and friends at every opportunity, a habit she still maintains. After earning her degree in fashion, she relocated to Dubai and embarked on a successful journey with one of the region’s largest fashion retailers. Starting as a junior designer, she steadily rose to become the head of design and style during her seven-year tenure.

Her career brought her to London, where she worked in film production before becoming a highly sought-after personal stylist, working with a diverse range of clients, from Hollywood stars and CEOs to young professionals and new mothers. Friendly and approachable, Angie believes in earning her clients’ trust so that they can feel comfortable and heard as she helps them rediscover their personal style and a sense of self-confidence and body positivity. 

To Angie, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed and her signature look is a mix of chic, well-styled timeless pieces, and on-trend elements. She specialises in working with people entering a new phase in their lives where they want to redefine their style, whether it’s a new mother, a teen, a post-break-up style shake-up, or a wardrobe refresh for a new job.



Hailing from the south coast of the UK, Jessica attributes her affinity for fashion and creativity to a long-held love of magazines. After years of being asked by her friends and family to help style their wardrobes, she realised that a career in styling was possible and went on to study fashion and personal styling in London.

With her innate ability to compassionately connect with her clients to understand their individual needs and preferences, Jessica has a contagious sense of fun and a gift for making people feel comfortable as they emerge from their sartorial comfort zones. She knows that style is more than just the clothes you wear; it’s about the power of feeling confident in how you look.

Jessica brings her remarkable attention to detail to every Private Shopping appointment and is particularly talented at building capsule wardrobes for her clients, who value the simplicity of having a closet full of clothes that work effortlessly together. She is also sought after by new mothers needing a fresh look to fit in with their new life and people returning to their careers after time away from the office.



While growing up in a small town in North Wales, Kate expressed herself through what she wore and always seemed to know what the next big trend would be. She got her first taste of city life when she went to university in Manchester and then London, where she studied fashion and personal styling. A stint in Berlin followed, where she cut her teeth in the fashion industry and honed her styling skills. 

To Kate, guiding her clients to realise their true unique beauty and showing them the way to express their authentic self through their wardrobe is the most important part of her work. She is known for her knack of helping her clients to develop their own style, encouraging them to keep an open mind and try different shapes, styles and silhouettes, leaving them feeling confident in their own skins – and clothes.

She believes that great style is defined by someone who is truly and authentically themselves and her own eclectic style is inspired by a wide-ranging set of influences, including her stylish and carefree grandmother, who would add feminine details to every outfit.  

Kate loves nothing more than helping clients prepare for big occasions such as red-carpet or gala events, where she can also advise on hair and makeup looks. She also loves helping clients as they transition into exciting new phases in their lives.


Style in Chelsea, London

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