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Luna de Casanova’s Style Resolutions for 2022

With the new year opening ahead of us, here’s how to make 2022 your most stylish year yet

20 January 2022

Luna de Casanova

We asked fashion commentator and Sloane Street local Luna de Casanova to share her top five style resolutions for 2022. From finally stepping out of your tracksuit and into something a little more chic, to embracing colour and leaving the logos to F1 drivers, these are Luna’s style rules for the new year…

1. Banish the tracksuit

Now that lockdowns are, I hope, behind us, it’s time for everybody to raise their game and start looking a bit more stylish. And if your partner resists this notion, convinced that his three-day stubble and Sports Direct tracksuit makes him look like Tom Hanks emerging from the command module of Apollo 13, you need to point out that the last people you saw wearing tracksuits like his were in Squid Game – and that didn’t end well.

2. Bring the colour

And while we’re at it, let’s keep fifty shades of grey in the bedroom where it belongs and add some colour to our wardrobe. We are emerging from two miserable years, and I can see no reason why we should make it worse by dressing as if we were contemplating joining a religious order. Experiment with colour. You may not always succeed but you will brighten your life and hopefully the lives of others.

3. Consider your footwear

Try to wear shoes that suit your feet. Yes, you read me correctly. Just because a shoe is fashionable doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Avoid ‘dad’ shoes and if those chunky boots are calling you, enforce a strict 48-hour cooling-off period prior to purchase. You may be surprised how quickly your initial enthusiasm fades.

4. Play the long game

Avoid anything that looks like fast fashion and try to be more sustainable. Leaving aside the questionable labour ethics of some manufacturers, what is the point of buying 10 items that you will only wear once or twice? Far better to buy one or two classic designer pieces that you will be able to wear for many years to come and combine with a wide range of accessories to produce the look that you require.

5. Lose the logos

Lastly, logos belong on Formula One cars and Champions League football shirts. Sponsors pay a great deal of money for a few square centimetres. It is highly unlikely that a fashion brand is paying you to parade its name up and down Sloane Street and far more probable that you have paid a king’s ransom for the privilege of becoming its show pony. Stop it. If the designer was doing their job and producing memorable outfits, there would be no need to plaster the brand all over their output.

Luna de Casanova is an internationally-recognised commentator on fashion, travel and lifestyle trends. She believes that women should be able to age gracefully and achieve elegance without compromising on their looks, figure or wardrobe.
Follow Luna on Instagram for more stylish wardrobe inspiration at @lunadecasanova and see more of her world on her blog
Image by Kirstin Sinclair

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