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Resident Advisor: Liarna Yearwood’s need-to-know guide to lip blushing

Chelsea micropigmentation specialist Liarna Yearwood on lip blushing, the trending semi-permanent makeup treatment that promises fuller and more youthful lips

2 August 2023

Image: Alamy
Liarna Yearwood
A client before
After Liarna's lip blushing 
Another client before the service
After Liarna's work

Lip blushing is the latest semi-permanent makeup treatment that beauty insiders are joining waitlists for, and former legal adviser Liarna Yearwood is the Chelsea-based micropigmentation expert delivering fuller and more youthful-looking lips to those lucky enough to secure an appointment with her and her team.

A far cry from the to-be-avoided tattooed lip-liner look, lip blushing delivers a pretty, gentle blush to lips, giving them a naturally defined outline that most people tend to lose as they age. There is no filler involved, but the process of subtly defining the lips creates the illusion of greater fullness.

Here, we asked Liarna, founder of Liarna Jessica London, for her insider advice on the must-have treatment of the moment.

This treatment can be as natural or vibrant as you wish! If you want to add some colour to your lips, or you have lost some definition on the borders of the lips and you want your shape back, this is the treatment for you.

What is lip blushing?

Lip blushing is becoming one of our most requested treatments. It involves implanting colour into the lips to achieve more definition and fullness, and corrects any imperfections that may be visible in the borders of the lips. We use a super fine needle and pigments that are a combination of organic and inorganic powders. They are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


What does it involve? 

Prior to every treatment (£395 – £595), we have a fully comprehensive consultation with every client where we will select the best pigment, as well as measure the lips and pre-draw the shape for the client’s approval. We numb the lips so that the client is super comfortable during the treatment and use a super fine nanoneedle to essentially implant pigment into the skin. The treatment requires two applications of colour, each delivered in sessions that last about two and a half hours. The top-up session will be booked about 4-6 weeks after the initial session. 


What effects can people expect? 

Clients can opt for a very subtle colour, or they can opt for a more defined lipstick look. Either way, the results are always natural – that’s our ethos. 


How long do the results last?

Once you have had your procedure, the effects should last from 3-5 years and we recommend top-ups annually for a colour boost.


What are the benefits of lip blushing? 

Lip blushing beautifully enhances lips by adding definition through colour that makes the lips look fuller and younger. We can also use the treatment to enhance the shape of your lips and correct any asymmetry.


How do you choose which colour to use? 

The choice of colour pigment depends on many factors, such as the client’s preference, their natural lip colour and the skin’s undertones and overtones. Before choosing the pigment for each client, we always look at colour swatches and take into account how the colour may heal. 


What is the downtime

While some clients do experience minor swelling, there is no downtime for the procedure; you can go about your daily activities immediately. 


Is it painful?

While pain is subjective, we always use a potent numbing cream to ensure our clients’ discomfort is minimal. Some clients may experience a little discomfort but, in general, there is no pain.


Ready for beautifully defined, naturally fuller-looking lips or want to know more? Get in touch with the team at or call 020 3005 5247. 
Liarna Jessica London, The Courtyard, 151 Sydney Street, Chelsea, SW3 6NT

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