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How to scent your home for Christmas with Diptyque

We asked Diptyque’s UK managing director, Amanda Morgan, for her expert guidance on how to perfectly scent your home for the festive season

7 December 2022

The smell of hot spiced wine, the crisp notes of a freshly cut Christmas tree, the warming aroma of a cosy wood fire – the scents of Christmas are as emotional as they are evocative. And at this time of year, nothing sets the mood like a seasonal scented candle.

We asked Amanda Morgan, UK managing director of Diptyque, which has just opened a beautiful new flagship on Sloane Street, for her advice on how to best scent your home at this magical time of year.



How would you like to feel in your home during the festive season. Do you want to evoke the romance of winter evenings by the fireplace? The delicacy of fresh snow or the majesty of pine forests?  You may also find it useful to consider when you want to experience the scent; during the day or in the cosy evenings – or both. 



Smell is the most emotive of the senses and the Diptyque limited edition Holiday Collection features three distinct fragrances that evoke the mood of the season. 

The deep green Sapin (Pine Tree) candle expresses notes of mountain pines. A woody accord emblematic of the holidays, it is warmed by unexpected accents of mimosa, a winter flower with tones as sweet and honeyed as stardust.

The Neige (Snow) candle, in a beautiful midnight blue, diffuses a soft harmony of heliotrope and white musks in a cosmic shimmer. This is the powdery delicacy of snow, poetically interpreted by Diptyque.

The spirit of the holiday season is instantly brought to life in the rich, warm red Étincelles (Spark) candle, which envelops the end of the year in a comforting scent that blends the smell of a wood fire with delicious notes of coffee and chocolate.

The holiday season is the favourite time of the year for the Maison. This year, we looked to the night sky for inspiration, casting a constellation of stars over each candle. Turn out the lights and watch as the starry, phosphorescent design glows in the night as if by magic!



If you’re entertaining guests over the festive season, you may find that the sharp notes of pine in the Sapin candle work well to sharpen the appetite before dinner, while the smoky warmth of Feu de Bois is perfect for cosy moments together. The delicate scent of the Pomander candle, with its spicy fruity notes, makes it a lovely choice for scenting your home during the day.  

Remember to light candles 30 minutes before your guests arrive as it takes that long for a candle’s scent to be expressed in a room.



Follow the Diptyque ritual – The first time you light a scented candle, burn it for at least one hour to let the wick soak up the wax and burn evenly. Doing this will form a homogeneous melting pool and avoid the wax hollowing out in a hole in the centre.

Then, when you subsequently burn the candle, light it for two or three hours at a time, regularly trimming the wick like you would cut the stems of a bouquet, with scissors or a wick trimmer to avoid any unnecessary smoke. 

Once you blow out your candle, re-centre the wick to avoid the glass blackening on the sides. And to preserve the aroma of your candle, cover it with a lid once it has cooled down.



Consider the size of the space you are scenting. For a larger space, or for a more generous diffusion, experiment with the number of candles you burn at once and the sizes thereof. Diptyque’s candles range from the miniature 70g candles (20 hours) to the classic 190h scented candles (60 hours), all the way to the extra large candles that weigh 1,500g (120 hours). 

We recommend mixing scents with various diffusion methods to conjure up the right atmosphere at home. For example, immediate surroundings like a living room will benefit more from a slow and gentle diffusion method, such as the hourglass – which was designed to fragrance cosy spaces. 

For instant scenting of your hallway, for instance, before guests arrive, choose a room spray, as it immediately creates a welcoming atmosphere. Diptyque has created a limited edition Sapin room spray for the season.



Play with the themes of the season with our playful, limited-edition leather candle holders. In the shape of a pine tree or a star, they are designed to fit around all classic 190g candles in the collection. These also make wonderful gifts. And the hand-blown Constellation candle holder will send a kaleidoscope of light spraying across any room, setting the mood. 


Be sure to drop into the new Diptyque flagship on Sloane Street for not only all your home-scenting delights but also some truly gorgeous gifting ideas. The new store is the brand’s largest store in the UK and the second boutique to be designed in line with the perfumer’s new retail concept, offering the maison’s full product offering, including the new limited-edition Holiday collection and coveted Decoration collection of singular objects for the home, some of which are exclusive to the boutique. 

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