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The new concept at Anya’s Village is focused on sleep – demystifying it, getting more of it, getting a better quality of it and doing it in style

6 January 2023

Were your New Year’s resolutions centred around doing more? Being more productive, more active, more social… just more, more, more? Well, ‘sleep more’ probably wasn’t on your list – but it should be. Insufficient or poor-quality sleep can seriously undermine all of your other new-year-new-you efforts.

Anya Hindmarch’s new concept at The Village, Anya’zzz, is all about sleep and how to get a better night’s kip. 

Good sleep hygiene (practices to promote better-quality sleep, such as avoiding caffeine after lunch, avoiding blue light and screens, and going to bed at the same time every night) helps to improve the quality of your shuteye – a key factor in your general health and wellbeing.

Cue Anya’zzz, a serene love letter to sleep, with gentle lighting, neutral colours and soft textures. The concept store is stocked with a range of hand-selected, best-in-class products chosen for their sleep-enhancing benefits, such as luxurious bedding, wearable sleep-tracking tech, books, lighting, supplements, and new-gen alarm clocks. There’s even a king-sized bed to sink into. 

Among the many dreamy (ahem) products are Baloo Living weighted blankets; sustainable, thermoregulating and anti-allergy wool bedding from Floks, which improves restorative sleep by up to 25%; sleep-supporting supplements from Form Nutrition; reusable and eco-friendly earplugs from Happy Ears; Lumie lights for better sleep, waking, mood and energy; light-therapy devices from Luminette; Trip CBD products; nootropic supplements and functional mushrooms from Puresport; and Yuyu’s long hot water bottle that both warms and cools your body like no other.

And there is a curated line-up of experts and specialists to help you really get to the bottom of achieving the sleep of your dreams, including consultations with therapist and sleep coach Sarah Wilde, and informal drop-in sessions with The Bronte Clinic’s women’s wellness gurus, Dr Fiona McCarthy, Dr Sam Brown and Dr Dani Russell, who can help guide with information on how to improve sleep challenges and set you on the right path to a healthy night’s rest.

Then, to make sure you’re doing it in style, you’ll also find Anya’s charming capsule sleep collection, which includes luxurious pyjamas, the softest blankets and playful eye masks. 

Anya’zzz is open from 7 January to 12 February 2023. For more information and to book, please visit
The Village by Anya Hindmarch, 11 Pont Street, SW1X 9EH

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