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5 minutes with: Sarah Ellis and Philippa Ross of We Are Twinset

We asked the We Are Twinset founders about their greatest joys, individual styles and favourite Chelsea hangouts

2 May 2023

Sarah Ellis and Philippa Ross are the stylish gurus behind @WeAreTwinset, one of Instagram’s most popular sources of sartorial inspiration. Almost 350,000 followers look to them for their fresh take on timeless style, which is the inspiration behind their ready-to-wear label, WAT The Brand

As creative directors and stylists, they are committed to finding the best mix of luxury and high street fashion and beauty before using their expertise to teach their audience how to use and wear the products that have passed the Twinset test. 

Read on for Sarah and Philippa’s greatest achievements, fashion addictions and favourite places to spend time on and around Sloane Street.


What inspired you to launch We Are Twinset? 

We both met at a Marks & Spencer press day about 14 years ago and it was literally love at first sight. We were wearing the same thing, we looked very similar, and we just bonded instantly. The rest, they say, is history!


What is it like working with your best friend? 

Honestly, it’s the best, it just works. We never argue or disagree, and we always have one another to support and guide each other. We feel so lucky to be on this journey together.


How do your styles differ from one another? 

We have very similar styles (and wardrobes), but we tend to style things a little differently. Philippa often goes for a more laid-back edge and Sarah for a more luxed-up finish.


What’s next for the evolution of We Are Twinset?

We have just launched a podcast, Twinset Unzipped. It’s an ongoing conversation around female entrepreneurship, motherhood and fashion.


What are your favourite Chelsea hangouts? 

Harry’s Dolce Vita for the décor, food and vibes!

Beaverbrook Town House is a favourite for a cocktail or a meeting. Every corner is so pretty.

Diptyque is our go-to for gifts. Always.


Three words to describe Sloane Street? 

Chic, luxurious and inspiring.


What is your greatest extravagance? 

Sarah: Bags and shoes.

Philippa: Frequent massages.


What wardrobe items do you seem to never have enough of? (as in, fashion ‘obsession’)

Sarah: A white T-shirt… you can never have too many.

Philippa: Black leggings. I practically live in them.


What piece of advice would you give your younger selves? 

Sarah: Don’t take yourself too seriously. When I was younger, I was so guilty of stressing over the smallest things when, in reality, they didn’t even matter.

Philippa: Never stop believing in myself – I wish back then I understood the power of visualising and dreaming really big!


What or who gives you the greatest joy in life?

Our children – every single day. 


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Our children – there is nothing we are prouder of than our little people.


What is your most treasured possession?

Sarah: My first designer handbag, it meant so much to me as I saved so hard to buy it. It was a leopard Mulberry Alexa bag. I could never get rid of it.

Philippa: The outfit I got engaged in. I’m so sentimental and I will always keep it.


What is your favourite pastime? 

Sarah: A great podcast and a run outside in the sunshine.

Philippa: Soaking in a hot bubble bath with Susanne Kaufmann bath oil.


What is your motto?

Sarah: Be kind always.

Philippa: YOLO


What do you do to relax?

Sarah: Journal

Philippa: Light a Diptyque candle and have a hot drink.


What was your first job?

Would you believe we both worked in Dune shoes as our first jobs?


Where is your favourite place to travel?

Sarah: Amalfi Coast

Philippa: Maldives


What advice would you give to someone looking to build a successful career as an influencer?

There is room for everyone. Be authentic, find your voice and go for it!


Images: We Are Twinset

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