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Proving that style never dates, 93-year-old Iris Apfel is one of fashion’s most recognisable faces and the subject of a new film that you have got to see.

Iris is a cult New York figure. She’s the textile designer who became famous among the style set for her huge collection of costume jewellery, and for her wonderfully exotic way of dressing (oodles and oodles of layered jewellery, giant spectacles and lots of bright colours. If you saw in Richard Press’s 2010 documentary about another NYC icon, fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, she was in that too. She also appeared in Kate Spade’s spring 2015 campaign alongside Karlie Kloss.

This is an affectionate portrait of Iris that chronicles her life and her interest in the aesthetic arts. The film follows her through her New York apartment, where there’s an ostrich statue in one corner whose wing lifts up to reveal a small nested bar. Kermit the Frog is sitting atop looking perfectly incongruous.

As she passes through New York flea markets, she delivers a deft lesson in the fine art of haggling, and she tells about upsetting sellers in some cultures by accepting the first price, because if you were silly enough to pay that, he’ll only wonder if he could have tripled it. Clever girl.

Iris is in cinemas now and you can watch the trailer here.