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Trend Watch: Spooky Florals

The flowers that bloomed on autumn/winter 2019’s catwalks were anything but benignly beautiful. From petals the colour of bruised skin at Chloé, to serpents coiled amidst the foliage at Valentino, and arsenic green at Rixo and Prada, the new season’s florals are rife with subtle danger.

At Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu, the velvety petals of romantic roses were a distraction from the ever-present threat of unseen thorns, while the dark, moody blooms at Gucci called to mind sinister fairytale forests that ensnare while they enchant.

With Halloween on the horizon, these are pieces with a dark allure that will captivate long past the witching hour on October 31.

Valentino dress, £2,690
Chloé cardigan, £995
Dolce & Gabbana dress, £1,500
Gucci trench coat, £2,230
Michael Kors Collection dress, £1,750
Miu Miu dress, £1,880
Olivia Von Halle dress, £560
Rixo dress, £295
Prada dress, £2,320
Saloni dress, £675