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The Hackett Guide To Gentlemanly Quarantine

Hackett London has enlisted the talents of illustrator Mr. Slowboy to show how the Hackett gentleman is getting on at home in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The modern gent is never easily flapped; he takes things in his well-trousered stride and isn’t one to let a pandemic get in the way of civilised behaviour.

Cast your eye over Mr Slowboy’s depictions of life in quarantine and let their unruffled and composed example be your guide during lockdown.

Homemade Latte

The modern gentleman is so admirably constituted that when lockdown measures got in the way of his morning rituals, he deftly adapted. His weekend espresso-making is now a daily occurrence, one he performs in smart chinos and oxford shirts. A gentleman always dresses for the day, regardless of confinement.

Home Branch

While conducting business, the Hackett gentleman is always fully dressed. Dressing from the waist-up, in the fashion of so many memes he’s seen in recent times, are anathema to his sense of decorum and professionalism. While neck ties are possibly a step too far for daily Zoom meetings from his home office, softly tailored blazers hit the right note. And his choice of cheerful colours is not only sartorially on point, but just one of the small ways he tries to boost morale in these trying times.

Home Office

It is imperative, when engaging with clients via the medium of Zoom, that a gentleman presents in himself a portrait of unruffled, can-do calm. Vim and vigour, of course, but a composed and calm capability is paramount to fostering confidence in those with whom he interacts during what is, inarguably, a very disconcerting time. He would posit that nothing is more reassuring in turbulent times than a collar stiff enough to give his upper lip a run for its money.

Home Concert

Box offices may be closed for the time being, with all manner of performances, recitals and concerts cancelled until further notice, but this hasn’t dampened the Hackett gentleman’s healthy enthusiasm for cultural pursuits. Rather, in fact, it’s been sharpened by unprecedented access to hitherto unexplored talents and genres from across the globe. With a glass of something fortifying at his elbow, he is given to settling in for evenings of musical enlightenment and enrichment.

Home Game

Tedium and ennui are not part of the modern gentleman’s personal policy. Given an evening of restricted social engagement, he is not one to waste an opportunity to roll his sleeves up and hone his skills at the baize. Perhaps with a podcast for company. Both will provide ample returns when he is released from captivity.