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How To Win At Men’s Summer Sandals

Many a gentleman has suffered from the perplexing question of whether or not to attempt sandal-wearing in summer. On the one hand, it’s hot. Your feet, encased in shoes and socks, crave a cool caress to your toes. On the other, it’s a sartorial minefield; one that could result in no small amount of shame.

To settle the matter and remove all margin for error, here are our rules for freeing your feet in summer:

  1. The absolute safest bets are a pair of classically styled espadrilles or low-key flipflops. Hackett’s, below, are ideal.
  2. As a general rule, sandals look best with shorts, while espadrilles can also be worn with both long trousers and shorts.
  3. Rubber sliders are still having a moment, but they are best saved for the poolside.
  4. Likewise, Birkenstock’s iconic two-strap Arizona style, which is more versatile and imparts a charming boho vibe.
  5. For sandals, natural materials like leather, canvas and jute look most stylish.
  6. If you have an evolved sense of style, sporty sandals in nylon can look very cool. And more elaborate leather styles would suit Riviera dandies very nicely.
  7. Never, under any circumstances, wear a wide-strapped nylon flipflop. It’s unforgivable.
Giorgio Armani leather sandals, £410
Birkenstock sandals, £60 at Office on the Kings Road
Valentino slides, £175
Saint Laurent espadrilles, £250
Salvatore Ferragamo sandals, £500
Prada leather sandals, £460
Louis Vuitton slides, £430
Hermès sandals, £550
Gucci sandals, £490
Fendi espadrilles, £450
Dolce & Gabbana slides, £475
Bottega Veneta leather slides, £515
Balenciaga leather sandals, £395