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Gucci’s has launched its new Gucci Places initiative, created with the aim of introducing people to the places that inspire Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele.

The first Gucci Place was unveiled as Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, where Gucci is currently supporting an exhibition of clothing and memorabilia titled “House Style”, curated by Hamish Bowles, American Vogue’s International Editor-at-Large.

The exhibition at Chatsworth, which was also the location of the Gucci Cruise 2017 advertising campaign starring Vanessa Redgrave, showcases clothing from the past 500 years that belongs to the Devonshire family, and Gucci has created an exclusive Gucci Places Chatsworth collaboration collection based on those in Gucci’s Courrier collection, all featuring Chatsworth and Gucci Places patches.

As part of its desire to build a community and to encourage discovery of interesting details about places that have inspired Michele, Gucci will choose a whole variety of locations that reflect the taste and values peculiar to the House and designate them Gucci Places.

These places will appear in a special section of the Gucci app, which will use geolocation services so that if you’re within proximity of a Gucci Place you will receive a push notification to invite you to visit the relevant location. Each Gucci Place will have its own dedicated badge, inspired by the Place in question. These badges will reflect Gucci’s eclectic aesthetic and incorporate motifs inspired the specific location – a coat of arms, maybe, or an architectural detail.

Later this year the project will be further developed with the unveiling of more Gucci Places and specially developed products dedicated to these singular locations. But, for now, head to the Gucci Boutique on Sloane Street to get your hands on the first ever Gucci Place collection now.

Gucci, 8 Sloane St, SW1X 9NE.

Chatsworth House