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With so much uncertainty surrounding us at the moment, with an end to lockdown yet to be determined and mass vaccination still months away, it’s important to take care of yourself. And, let’s face it, at this stage we all need a little more than just a pampering bath. We need professional help.

So we asked Jo Harris, general manager of Urban Retreat at the White House, for her top five insider’s tips and tricks for at-home self-care. Whether it’s a little DIY reflexology or an intestinal massage, these should help a little…

1. Headaches? It’s all about the feet

Feet are one of the most underestimated areas in wellness. We’re not talking pedicures (although these are truly amazing too!), no, we are talking about reflexology. In fact, all of our facial treatments include some attention to the feet.

A self-administered foot massage can help if you’re suffering from headaches and neck issues from staring at a screen all day on a chair that’s not right for your back and at a table that’s not a proper desk. Here’s how:

  1. Start with a nice foot soak. Grab something big enough to put in at least one foot in at a time. If you have essential oils, or salts such as magnesium or Himalayan salts to aid detox and water retention, pop some in. Soak for about 5 – 10 mins.
  2. Dry feet and use a small amount of oil (any oil will do; even olive oil) or some foot cream to massage your feet. Concentrate on the big toe, which is your reflexology head and neck pressure points. Massage from the very top of the toe (head) down to the bottom and side (neck), as well as around the “bunion area”.
  3. If you feel and crystals in the area, massage them out to help to unblock and slowly alleviate tension and relieve headaches.

Try this as part of your night-time routine; ideally, right after a shower or bath. Not only will your feet get nourished, but circulation is also improved, you’ll sleep better, and you won’t get headaches.

2.Reflexology For Your Gut

You can also support your gut and intestines while massaging your feet. This time concentrate on the middle of your foot (your instep), which relates to your stomach area – another place where we feel stress. It may feel hard or tender to the touch, so start with gentle pressure and increase it as this area relaxes.

All of our massage services include the tummy, as do all the colonic treatments.

3.Try A Tummy Rub

If you’re feeling a bit blocked, then it’s always good to treat the tummy with a massage. Try these steps to loosen things up (ideally, wait a couple of hours after eating).

  1. Lie flat and pop a little oil onto your midriff, from under the ribs to below belly button. Starting on the right, just in front of your hip, move the fingertips using medium pressure in small, slow, upward circular movements up to just under your rib cage.
  2. Once here, move across to the left side of your rib cage, still using circular movement, as if you are trying to push along anything in your intestine.
  3. When you reach your left rib cage, continue the movements down to your left hip. Stop the circles but keeping you hand on your skin, move your hand to the right hip and start again.
  4. Do this around three times to aid the removal of anything stuck in the intestines.
  5. When you’re finished, have some warm lemon water, which will help the removal process. It’s not as effective as colonic hydrotherapy but a manual way that will help at home.

4.Inhalation therapy

Great for this time of the year, when we are maybe feeling a bit sniffy with colds coming on. You can try our inhalation therapy treatment when we are open again but, until then, try this at-home version…

1. Grab a heat-resistant bowl and boil the kettle.
2. Take some fresh herbs from the fridge or garden, or dried herbs
From the larder. The best herbs for colds, flu and decongesting are rosemary, thyme, basil, and mint, which all help clear mucus and open up the nose, throat, and lungs.
3. Drop your herbs into a bowl and pour over the freshly boiled water. Leave for 2-3 mins then, put your head over the bowl and place a towel over your head to create a tent.
4. Breathe in the steam for 10 minutes. You can meditate at the same time!

5.Get Calm

Meditation is an excellent way to just switch off. We use specific music in our hands-free zero-gravity massage experience to provide maximum calm and allow the brain to become clear. Why not grab your headphones and take 20 minutes to switch off from screens and noise before bed? There are some great mediation programs to download – ideal before sleep if you’re finding it hard to switch off.

Images via pexels.com