On & Around the Street

New Styling Tips From NYFW

Pursuing the style set to and from shows in every city during fashion month is a flock of eagle-eyed street style photographers, who capture the best looks seen off the runways. This means plenty of style inspiration for the coming season.

As New York Fashion Week kicks off across the pond, here are a few new tricks we’ve learned so far.

When tucking, make it messy. Just a bit at the front, leaving the rest loose.
Photo: Courtney Crangi photographed by Phil Oh for Vogue.com

Tie blazers around your waist for a no-fail solution to tricky weather forecasts.
Photo: Banana Republic creative director Marissa Webb (via Instagram @MarissaWebb)

Bold checks and wide stripes were made for each other. Make sure trousers are long and loose palazzo styles.
Photo: Natalie Joos photographed for Fashionista

A statement hat can lift the simplest of outfits, even jeans and a plain shirt. Men’s styles work best.
Photographed by Phil Oh for Vogue.com

Shirt cuffs are the new bracelets. Push up your sweater sleeves and leave cuffs hanging free; add a sleeveless coat for added styling kudos.
Photo: Rebecca Laurey photographed by Phil Oh for Vogue.com