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New Keraplex treatment at NEVILLE SALON

Gorgeous, glossy hair courtesy of the new Keraplex treatment at Neville Salon

If your locks are feeling a little crunchy and less-than-mermaid soft after the summer sun, pool chemicals and salt water, may we recommend Neville’s genius new Keraplex treatment, which combines the glossifying benefits of two of the most dramatically condition-improving treatments we know of – Olaplex and a Keratin blowdry. In a nutshell, Olaplex will re-bond the hair and Keratin will seal the re-bonding as well and restoring protein, thus leaving a finished result of stronger, smoother and shinier locks.

Olaplex is a re-bonding system, which effectively rebonds and repairs hair that is damaged (mainly through colour and heat damage from multiple blowdries) allowing you to ‘save’ your hair as opposed to cutting inches off.

The Keratin blowdry, first of all, is not a Brazilian blowdry, as keratin is merely the protein that hair naturally has but is lost through wear and tear and styling. The difference from a ‘Brazilian blowdry’ is the amount of formaldehyde – a nasty chemical but, when used in the right way, not at all damaging to your health. And, importantly, a critical element is long-term effectiveness. Keratin with the right percentage of formaldehyde creates silky and smooth hair, hence ‘sealing’ bonds so that they become stronger and less easy to break.

Gorgeous, glossy hair courtesy of the new Keraplex treatment at Neville Salon

First, the hair is doused with Olaplex Number 1, combed through and left for several minutes. This is the bond multiplier and can be used on the hair as a treatment on its own. Then Olaplex Number 2 is applied on top and left for 20 minutes. The hair is then washed to remove impurities.

Once the hair is fully dried, the keratin treatment begins, applying the treatment in small sections so that every strand is touched. A heater is applied for 20 minutes, encouraging the hair’s follicles to open and let the keratin do its thing. Finally, the treatment is blowdried into the hair and straightened.

You don’t need to have straight hair for Keraplex to work, it looks great on curly hair, transforming wild manes into glistening locks with a beautiful wave

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Gorgeous, glossy hair courtesy of the new Keraplex treatment at Neville Salon