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Delvaux Opens On Sloane Street

Delvaux – purveyor of very fine handbags and leather goods, and the oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world – has opened its London flagship store on Sloane Street.

Founded in Belgium in 1829 (before Hermès, Moynat and Louis Vuitton set up shop), when Charles Delvaux saw that women were beginning to travel more and were in need of something smaller and more versatile than a trunk in which to carry their belongings. Clever chap. The house has been an official supplier to the Belgian Court since 1883.

The Sloane Street store is spread over 2,150 square feet, and is a paean to luxury leather craftsmanship. The brand’s opulent handbags are displayed alongside a collection of Belgian ceramics and a classic library table by Swedish furniture designer Axel Einar Hjorth, an emblem of early 20th Century Scandinavian design.

The bags are dotted around the store and sit in the nooks and shelves that dominate the stairs. Among the treasures you’ll find Delvaux’s “Belgitude” alive in pieces like the cult Brilliant Mini handbag in the highly sought after ivory calfskin.

You’ll be charmed by the wonderfully quirky Miniatures Belgitude collection, handmade miniature versions of the iconic Brillant bag, created in 1958. Fusing humour with savoir-faire, and calling to mind the work of Belgian surrealist bowler hat proponent René Magritte, the bags are named after a Belgian city and feature fabulously silly details like a bowler hat floating over clouds or bright yellow fries emerging from a bag.

If you are looking for a serious handbag, Delvaux’s collection of handmade exotic skin bags are luxurious in the extreme. And the Mutin belt bag is just about the most stylish bumbag you’ll ever see.

Delvaux, 184 Sloane St, London, SW1X 9QP.