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And Just Like That… SATC Is Back

Get ready to shake up some cosmos and breakout your Manolos… HBO has confirmed that Sex And The City will make a return to our screens with a 10-episode series called And Just Like That, which will reunite us with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. 

It’s been 10 years since the last Sex And The City instalment. the girls will now be in their 50s; a very different life stage, with their children (for Miranda and Charlotte) now teenagers, and new levels reached in their careers. 

Over six seasons – and two films – the foursome’s steadfast friendship withstood countless heartbreaks, bereavement, breast cancer, Carrie’s epic on/off love affair with Big, parenthood, divorce, a minor diplomatic incident, and Samantha’s frequently graphic accounts of her sexual encounters.

We can’t wait to see what they’re up to now but, more than that, we can’t wait to see what Patricia Field has in mind for their wardrobes. Until the show hits our screens and all is revealed, here’s what we’d like to see the girls wearing…


Thanks to Patricia Field’s styling genius, Carrie’s inimitable wardrobe was almost a separate character in the show, with wonderfully surprising colour combinations and a flair for mixing “buried treasure” from thrift stores with the latest designer pieces. We can’t wait to see what Field has in store for us now that Carrie is in her fifties.

Here’s hoping that there’ll be plenty of playful ensembles in bright colours and effervescent textures. And we can’t wait to see her shoe-drobe. Manolos were always her go-to but perhaps the new show will see her stepping out in new, but just as fabulous, shoe designers. As for her bags… With the return of Fendi’s Baguette and Dior’s Saddle bag, we’d put good money on both making an appearance.

Dundas blouse, £590
Dolce & Gabbana trousers, £675
Hèrmes Twilly scarf, £150
Fendi Baguette, £1,790
Balenciaga sunglasses, £295
Bottega Veneta mules, £780


When we last saw Charlotte in Sex And The City 2, she was celebrating her daughter, Rose’s third birthday. Eleven years later, she will be the mother of two teenage girls and, we imagine, may have returned to work in a gallery – perhaps her own. Demure Charlotte would love the ladylike vibe at the heart of Emilia Wickstead’s collections, especially this vibrant emerald dress, and the polite lines of Balenciaga’s Hourglass bag.

Saint Laurent shoes, £700
Emilia Wickstead dress, £1,630
Balenciaga bag, £1,250


We left Miranda at a new, smaller law firm where, by now, she has undoubtedly become a name-partner, or perhaps set up a firm of her own. We like to think that she will have buried her penchant for questionable sportswear and maybe appointed a stylist, who kits her out in softly tailored ensembles that reflect her new, relaxed approach to work. 

Gucci bag, £1,940
The Fold dress, £325
Valentino heels, £630


Kim Cattrall will not be returning to the show but we like to think that, if she were, Samantha would still be oozing sexual energy in high-voltage dresses with form-fitting silhouettes. A saucy frock from Tom Ford, whose speciality is sexiness, would be our starting point. Add strappy sandals and a slick of lipstick in come-hither red.   

Tom Ford dress, £2,320
Giuseppe Zanotti heels, £1,165
Gucci Emmy Red lipstick, £35