Sloane Street Portrait: David Waddington, Founder April’s Cafe

Describe your perfect day on Sloane Street…

I’m looking forward to KXU Gym opening next door, so that will be the ideal start to the day. Then I’ll meet friends for breakfast at April’s, and have boiled eggs, labneh and dukkah with a good cup of AllPress coffee to get me up and running.  A stroll down the street for some window shopping: Oliver Peoples for sunglasses and spectacles; Smythson for gifts and thank you cards; Prada, Fendi and Tom Ford for clothes and shoes that I can’t afford to (and shouldn’t) buy!

Then back to Sloane Square for household things from Peter Jones, which is, without doubt, the best shop in the world! I love David Mellor for kitchen equipment, studio pottery and wooden bowls, as well as their famous cutlery, which we use at April’s. Lunch would be at Colbert, an all-time favourite; I love sitting in the bar and watching the locals come and go.

What is the best thing about your job?

It’s my job to make people happy, and when that happens it’s the best thing.

What’s the best thing about working on Sloane Street?

We have three restaurants and I travel from East to West, Hackney to Chelsea, and back again. They’re quite different parts of London but it’s good to see that both have their communities and identity. Sloane Street is romantic and grand and posh, but can be quite village like, which I love.

Best kept secret on Sloane Street?

Of course April’s – tucked away in the sunken garden of Pavilion Road. Order an oozing cheese and smoked ham toastie with a cold glass of rosĂ© and sit amongst the palms and tree ferns.

Tell us your favourite Sloane Street Memory…

I fell off my bike on the junction of Pont St and Lulu came over to help me up off the road. The bike was fine. I was a little star struck…

Describe Sloane Street in three words…

A national treasure.

What would be in your fantasy sandwich?

A Rolex Day Date in white gold. Thank you.

What would you order for dinner if you knew it was your last meal on Earth?

Mat Collishaw made a series of still life paintings called ‘Last meal on Death Row’, lots of them feature fried chicken. I love fried chicken but I think my last dinner would be roast chicken with bread sauce and roast potatoes and I’d drink a really silky bottle of Alsace Riesling.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate sandwiched in white bread, a habit I picked up from a French lover.